Nominations for 2016 Oliviers - Best Supporting Actor/Best Supporting Actress

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Mark Gatiss in Three Days in the Country – National Theatre Lyttelton
Michael Pennington in The Winter's Tale – Garrick
Tom Sturridge in American Buffalo – Wyndham's
David Suchet in The Importance of Being Earnest – Vaudeville

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Judi Dench in The Winter's Tale – Garrick
Michele Dotrice in Nell Gwynn – Apollo
Melody Grove in Farinelli and the King – Duke of York's
Catherine Steadman in Oppenheimer – Vaudeville

A world of hell no for the actor category, I'm embarrassed that Suchet is in here, and only Gatiss stood out for me, so he's my pick. And Dench is undoubtedly a shoo-in but Dotrice is the real scene-stealing delight.

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