Leading Man of the Year 2015

I do aim for a relatively professional standard on this blog but there comes a point in the year when you have to surrender to the pretty and once a year, we get a list of the leading men who have caught my attention one way or another.

And far be it from me to deny my readers as these posts habitually end up being among the most read - or looked at - of the year! Naughty  ;-)


So without further ado, here we go!

Simon Harrison

Shakespeare was surely never meant to be this sexy! So hot in As You Like It, they even put him on the poster

Petr Rykov

Oh wait, Shakespeare is this sexy. Even underwear models are getting in on the plot as in Cheek By Jowl's Russian Measure for Measure

(c) Johan Persson

(c) Johan Persson

Eelco Smits

As revealing as theatre gets, both emotionally and physically, Song From Far Away saw Smits strip naked for a large swathe of the play which was nice. He was also adorbs in the Dutch Glass Menagerie.

Stewart Clarke

A bit of rough never goes amiss and though Stanley Kowalski is most brutish, his appeal is often more than clear.

Bertie Carvel

Carvel beefed up for The Hairy Ape to great effect but still looked strangely hot in a dress in Bakkhai, man is talented.

(c) Manuel Harlan

Jack Farthing

Of course there's no photos from Carmen Disruption that do justice to how hot Farthing's rent boy was but rest assured, he did the job!

David Mumeni

Gotta love a guy whose first mention on this blog involved the word pert! Though given his character(s) in Lela & Co., this is definitely a case of  fancying the man not the part.

(c) Tristam Kenton

Nick Karimi

I promise there was more than the promise of spandex that made me go to Lardo...

(c) Gus Miller
(c) Gus Miller

Matt Cardle

Somehow, I found myself walking in Memphis once again, wonder why...

Steven Miller

Going right back to the beginning of the year here but Miller's Iago in Frantic Assembly's Othello made jealousy look hella sexy

Brucie bonuses

Samuel Edwards 

Purely for those thighs in Xanadu 

Edward Holcroft

A bit of a cheat as he looked a bit of a mess in Les Liaisons Dangereuses but look what he looks like on telly and film!

NB: Photos have been credited where possible, but do let me know if there're any issues.

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